Azure Professional Sponsors the Love Letters Documentary


Azure Professional and UK Film Director Lawrence Coke created the Love Letters documentary to be a global voice of love and appreciation for Black women. 


Shot entirely in London, we captured heartfelt stories and memories of Black men sharing their feelings on the importance of Black women in the family.

The climate of social media for Black women can be wrought with judgment and contentious headlines, so we wanted to add something positive to this space. We didn’t use men to define what makes Black women the backbone of our community, but to help reaffirm what they already know about their strength, beauty and immeasurable worth.

Azure Professional is a company dedicated to manufacturing tools that raise the quality of life of our consumers. The Love Letters documentary is the first of many lifestyle vignettes geared toward empowering Black women on a global scale. We hope you’ll think about sharing it with your audience.


Click here to watch Love Letters.

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