Sleek Edges When Rocking Extensions

How to Have Sleek Edges When Rocking Extensions.

The secret to getting sleek edges and super smooth roots is easier than you think. Though most of us don’t have a glam squad at our fingertips, EdgeStick allows you to get professional results at an affordable cost. The tool, manufactured to work like a mini pressing comb, combines heat resistant guide combs and a center rod coated with ceramic and tourmaline.

Sleek Edge by EdgeStick
The tool comes in handy for women looking to safely blend their natural hair  with extensions. The crown or hairline is the most sensitive part of a woman’s mane and is typically more susceptible to damage from over-processing and routine heat-styling. In fact, many women often abused their edges with intense heat, extreme pulling and tugging, and severe chemicals that eventually burn the scalp and limit future hair growth. In severe cases of frequent abuse to the scalp and edges, follicular degeneration syndrome (previously called "hot comb" alopecia) is a result and has become more frequently diagnosed in African American women. Nevertheless, we all agree that straight sleek edges are essential to flaunting fabulous silky extensions, therefore, making the EdgeStick a healthier, safer and more convenient option.

The perks of using this travel-friendly gizmo are burn-free fingertips and the ease of grazing your roots without damaging your scalp from heat or tugging. Many celebrity stylists and healthy hair care experts tout the EdgeStick as a must have for their clientele because of its safety and effectiveness in quickly straightening edges within one pass. 

When wearing weaves, leaving your roots out gives you a more natural look. Though the texture and shine of these faux pieces rarely changes, your edges are exposed to inclement weather and sweaty workouts, which makes it nearly impossible to maintain a sleek look sans heat. EdgeStick is also useful for transitioners who are currently wearing extensions to grow out their natural hair. Smoothing curly hair can sometimes be a feat, but the tool, which offers precise adjustable heat control (200°F - 450°F), perfectly manages unruly edges so that you can rock your extensions in style.